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Occupation is not Green: Boycott SodaStream!

Join Nobel Laureates Desmond Tutu and Mairead Maguire, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker, Col. Ann Wright and Medea Benjamin  in signing the petition to Pope Francis to publicly call on Israel to end its violations of human rights and international law:

Palestine Events in April 2014 The Soldier and the Refusenik, Alison Weir, Film MLK in Palestine. Click for flyer.

Click to sign other petitions for Palestinian Rights

Take Action:  Contact your Representatives and Senators and ask them to oppose HR 4009, the Orwellian so-called “Protect Academic Freedom” Act that is intended to stop the use of the non-violent tool of institutional boycott when used to pressure Israel.  Click for more info .  Also contact your State Senators and Assembly members and tell them you oppose any California legislation like HR 4009.    Click for text of HR 4009.

Boycott SodaStream bannering & leafleting continues on Saturdays in 2014 for details, email:

9 Brands you can boycott to hold Israel accountable for its violations of International Law

► Sacramento eyewitness:  Updates from Palestine Nov. 2013

FOLLOW Boycott SodaStream  on Twitter:, @StopSodaStream, @AndyWhitmoreKC

More Sacramento area peace & justice events:

Don’t buy SodaStream & ask stores not to carry itclick for more infoShare handout  Click for store contact & ethics policy.

Examples of Creative Actionsto End Israel’s Human Rights violations:

SodaStream: Keeping Apartheid in Business.

Japanese Santa Claus says NO to SodaStream!

Pink Floyd says no to Israeli Apartheid.

SodaStream ad spoofs 

SodaStream Owners Anonymous Support Group

Boycott Israel: Trader Joe’s, Pittsburg, PA

Young Jews disrupt Netanyahu.

Michigan Students Protest IOF Speaker

BDS Philly Flashdance to Boycott Sabra and Tribe

Israeli peace activists emancipate boycott breaking opera songs